Fragrance Diary | Modern Muse Le Rouge

Earlier this year I took a trip down to Livingston Designer Outlet, and one of the items I picked up was the Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau De Parfum. To start with, I wasn’t 100% sure if I would wear it a lot, as the fragrance is pretty strong. It seems to especially stick to my hair, which I’m now taking as a good thing!

The fragrance is a “fruity floral oriental” with top notes of raspberry, pink berry and saffron, deepening to muskier, wooden base notes with vetvier, vanilla and amberette. I find the fragrance to be a mixture of spicy and sweet, but to be honest I don’t think the smell changes on me that much throughout the day! I’ve constantly gotten compliments when I’m wearing it and I’ve even had a client write down the name of it after asking what I had on.

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge

In all honesty I’m not a massive fan of the bottle; for the first few days I kept thinking there was a top on the bottle and tried to pull it off every time I used it. I also think the bow design on the Modern Muse perfumes are quite tacky, although I’m impressed that it hasn’t broken off in my bag! I think I’m a bit of a plain Jane, as all the perfumes I really like are simple in design and either square or round bottle-shaped (like my beloved The Body Shop fragrances!)

Have you tried any of the Modern Muse perfumes? What did you think? Let me know below and recommend me some similar perfumes to try!




So here I go again. My third restart at blogging and my second blog. I still love my old blog and I may recycle some of my favourite posts, but it just isn’t “me” anymore. I created it just before my 21st birthday, so most things – including myself – have changed. Even since my last post in March, I feel like I’ve started to become more confident, more sure of the person that I am.

I haven’t decided what sort of blog this will be, but I think it’s safe to say it will end up being a mixture of beauty and lifestyle. More than anything I just miss writing and socializing with other bloggers! My first post will be on Friday, I’ve decided to start a little “Five Things” series to remind myself that it’s the little things that count. See you then!