MAC | Mariah Carey 


When MAC announced the Mariah Carey Collection, I was so excited. I mean, just look at the packaging! It’s every makeup addicts dream. The colours stick to a gorgeous neutral theme and are very much wearable. By the time the launch came around, I was pretty skint and tried to resist buying anything. But, in true beauty blogger fashion the day after it launched I just had to pick up a few items.

After much deliberation, I decided to go for the All I Want and Bit Of Bubbly lipsticks, as well as the It’s Just Like Honey lipgloss. I hummed and hoed about the So Dramatique lipliner and of course the Touch My Body glitter puff, but I just don’t think I’d get a good use out of them.

Mariah Carey MAC Collection

All I Want is a frosted champagne with a medium coverage than can be built up on the lips. On its own it’s pretty 90’s chic, so I like to pair it with a dark mahogany liner to frame the lips. Bit of Bubbly is a creamy nude with a peachy undertone. It’s a bit lighter than what I would normally wear, but with the lipgloss on top I really like it. It’s Just Like Honey is super shiny and gives a thick covering, with a warm golden peachy colour…kinda like honey 😉

Did you buy anything from the MAC Mariah Carey collection? What other collections are you looking forward to from MAC? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me!



NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Butter Gloss Tiramisu

NYX Butter Gloss Ginger Snap

I’ve been constantly visiting NYX in the Boots next to my work on my lunch breaks, but never managed to go at a time when the Butter Gloss colours I wanted were in stock. Then, one day when I was picking up Scott, I somehow managed to end up browsing a 20% off sale on ASOS. I impulsively bought two Butter Glosses – Tiramisu and Ginger Snap.

I’d already heard from one of the girls at work that the Butter Glosses are good, so I was excited to get my hands on them and find out for myself! I tend to dress up my eyes and keep a softer lip, so as soon as my package arrived Tiramisu was out of the packaging and onto my lips.

The first thing I noticed is how creamy the Butter Gloss is. It gives a thick covering with one layer so you don’t need to build it up. I personally prefer to wear a lipstick under my glosses, but the Butter Glosses have enough pigmentation to be worn on their own. As for the colours, Tiramisu is a soft marshmallow pinky brown, perfect for lighter skin tones, especially porcelain skin like my own. Ginger Snap is a darker chocolate-brown, although it goes quite reddish on me. I’ve heard this is also a nice nude colour for darker skin tones and a quick google has plenty of swatches and photos.

I would say they last for about 3 hours with a lipstick underneath, but then again I do a lot of talking in my field of work! I think one of my favourite things about the glosses is thay they don’t have that standard “sticky” feel like most other glosses!

Do you have any Butter Glosses? What else do you recommend from NYX? Let me know in the comments below or send me a link on twitter!



Aberdeen Eats | Josephine’s 

Pretty much ever since Scott and I started dating he’s promised to take me to Josephine’s. It’s agreat place for dinner before hitting the town as it serves primarily tapas and is BYOB. This weekend my darling Erin and her boyfriend came up from Greenock to visit and we were struggling to decide where to go since Union Square would be pretty packed. We phoned Josephine’s on the off-chance and managed to get a table, so we quickly nipped into Tesco for beer and made our way to the restaurant.

Josephine’s reminds me of a few bars we’ve visited in Amsterdam and Rome. It’s long and thin, with a much more homely feel than your standard restaurant. It’s not trying to be flashy or impressive and the staff are really laid back. There is a specials menu along with the main tapas and, as we were visiting near Christmas, there was also a Christmas deal where you could get your corkage, 3 tapas each, garlic bread and shared desserts for £25 per person!


We decided to go for the Christmas deal and add a few extras on since there were so many options. As a vegetarian, my decision was a little easier and I chose fancy mac n cheese (I can’t remember what kind of pasta or cheese it was – sorry!) gnocchi, mushrooms with mozzarella and goats cheese with marmalade and honey. The goats cheese was the best out of all the dishes I tried, but to be honest, they were all really good! The meat eaters got a mixture including chorizo stovies, Argentinian meatballs, patatas bravas and scallops with black pudding.  When our food started arriving and we saw the portion size, we realised that ordering so much was a terrible mistake. The portions are hearty to say the least, pretty much all of mine could be classed as a main meal! There wasn’t a single dish that anyone had something negative to say about and everyone was finding it hard to choose a favourite – definitely a sign of a great menu!

After many years of waiting for my Josephine’s experience, I can happily say it’s everything I had hoped for. It really is the perfect place to go with friends to eat and have a few drinks and I can see why it is almost always fully booked. If you’re reading this and are from or visited Aberdeen, have you been to Josephine’s before? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me!



Shop My Stash | Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmer Brick

Sometimes I get so used to my standard make up routine that I forget about some of the amazing products I own. When I’m going on a night out I try to open my make up drawer and take a step back to see what I might be missing. One of the products I find myself reaching for when I do this is the Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmer Brick.

A little embarassing story for you guys – When I went to Leeds Festival in 2014, I was watching You Me At Six when I noticed a girl with an amazing highlight. This was just before highlighter really exploded, so it stood out and friendly little drunken Hannah decided to grab the poor girl and scream in her face over the music, determind to find out what this beautiful product was. As you can probably guess, it was Bobbi Browns Shimmer Brick! I think it was actually Beige, but I ended up splashing out and going for Rose and Nectar as well. That’s right, I actually managed to remember not only how much I embarassed myself, but the product in question! (Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?)

All of the Shimmer Bricks look stunning but Nectar is the one that seems to work best for my skintone. I must admit I’ve just had a lightbulb moment as I’ve been thinking about adding more pinky eyeshadows to my make up kit, but in reality I have all the colours I could want in the Shimmer Brick!

Are the any items in your collection that you think need to take center stage! Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me some pictures of your underdog products!



The Most Amazing Christmas Lights


On Saturday night I joined my mum in going to see her friend Kirsti and Kirsti’s husband Scott turning on their Christmas lights. Outside their driveway there is a sign explaining that although the lights are for fun, a donation can be made. All the donations are split between the local Bettridge Centre & the Cystic Fibrosis Charity.

We arrived slightly early as my mum had made cupcakes, and everyone was preparing for the event. There was a table outside with mulled wine and mulled apple juice, pretzels, Danish pastries and marshmallows. It was already dark so I couldn’t see the lights that well, all I could see was a massive Costco teddy bear on the roof!

As it neared 7pm, more and more people began to turn up to see the lights. To my delight plenty of people brought their dogs and I got the pleasure of playing with a little Boston Terrier (he totally wanted to come home with me, I could tell!) Santa arrived and the countdown began, you can see the glorious moment of the lights turning on over on my Instagram here.

From there on, Santa spent some time speaking to the children and making sure everyone had sent their letters so that he wouldn’t miss anyone out. We wandered around the front garden and the light just kept coming! Both sides of the house were covered, the front garden had little nodding reindeer and a train or two, there were lights and holly leaves in the trees and, my personal favourite, there was an Alice in Wonderland feeling tower of presents!

Kirsti and Scott have already raised £400 in the first few days of the lights being turned on and the donations box allows passers-by to get into the charitable spirit! I hadn’t been feeling festive at all this year, but this has definitely perked me right up! Do you have any lights or decorations this year? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me photos!