MUA | Skin Define Hydro Powder

MUA Skin Define Hydro Powder

I’m a bit of a fusspot when it comes to makeup (as mentioned here,) but I’m currently waiting for my Bobbi Brown Loose Setting Powder to arrive and desperately needed something to set under my eyes. I popped into Superdrug on my day off to grab a cheap powder to make do with and for some reason I really struggled to find a translucent powder that actually looked transparent and not beige!

In the back corner of Superdrug I came to trusty MUA and immediately spotted the Skin Define Hydro Powder, which looks almost white in the pan. The tester felt lovely and soft, which is exactly what I need as I although I have dry skin, I still need to set my base with a powder to stop it sliding off around my t-zone and to set under my eyes. I decided to take the dive and move away from translucent for a change.

As I mentioned, the powder is super silky – making it perfect for dry skin types. I can tell when my skin needs exfoliated as it feels rough to touch and even the slightest layer of foundation can start to show up flaky patches. I keep up a rigorous skincare routine to combat this and for the most part I only wear concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes to let me skin breathe. On the days I do put on foundation I set under my eyes with a hearty dusting of powder to prevent my mascara from rubbing off and leaving me with panda eyes! Normally you can see where they powder sits in all the creases under my eyes (hence why I usually wear translucent powder) but the Skin Define Hydro Powder is so soft that it’s virtually undetectable!


I didn’t buy the Skin Define Hydro Powder with much intention of using it after my Bobbi Brown powder gets delivered, but it has quickly become a staple in my make up routine! What are your favourite make up products for dry skin? Let me know in the comments below!



Freedom Makeup | Pro HD Brow Palette


I don’t mean to be a makeup snob, but since building my kit for freelance I’ve become quite picky at what I spend my money on. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll happily buy a cheap brand if I get good recommendations and I don’t think I’ll ever fall out of love with Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. But as much as I want to try out every single cult shadow palette and highlighter, I don’t need them and therefore can’t justify spending my money on them until my current products run out.

To resist temptation I no longer spend hours browsing the make up stalls in Boots and Superdrug, only nipping in for specific products I need to stock up on. When I was in Superdrug grabbing an emergency powder I spotted the Freedom Makeup stall and was immediately drawn in by the simple, professional packaging. I had a quick scan, trying not to let my eyes linger on the sculpting kits or make-your-own shadow palettes for too long. I spotted the Pro HD Brow Palette and it reminded me straight away of the ABH Pro Series Brow Palette I’ve been dreaming of. Although I don’t use a brow powder myself, I love powders on my clients. For some reason I manage to make powder look so much better on other people than myself!


At £10 I really couldn’t say no, especially considering the ABH palette is £90! Sure, it doesn’t have as many colours, but even the light/medium palette has pretty much all the shades I’ll need. The palette has 12 brow powders, a highlighting powder, a brow wax, stencils and a brush. I can’t see myself using the stencils as I’m confident with freehand, but it is definitely something I would have used before I became a makeup artist! I especially love the red toned colours in the palette as they are harder to find in palette form.


As soon as I got home, I gave Freedom Makeup a little google and was delighted to see they are owned by TAM Beauty (the creators of Makeup Revolution,) a brand I can happily put my trust in. Next payday will definitely be spent on Tam Beauty’s website, the sculpting kits and the concealer palette are on my mental wishlist already!


Have you ever tried Freedom Makeup before? What items are on your drugstore wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!



An Airigh Creations | Harris Tweed Shopper

It’s no secret to anyone in my life that foxes are my favourite animal, so gift giving is pretty easy as there are many, many cute gift ideas that include them. From jumpers to mugs, socks and key rings, I have it all!

I met up with my mum for lunch last week and she had a late Christmas present for me – a handmade shopper with a Harris Tweed fox on the front! It was custom-made by Shona from An Airigh Creations and I instantly fell in love. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Harris Tweed, it is hand-woven from virgin wool in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. The use of the Orb Mark guarantees that the fabric is authentically produced! (more information can be found here if you’re interested.)


There is so much detail put into the shopper, from the mixture of textures to the Harris Tweed Orb Mark proudly displayed on the bottom right of the bag. The position of each element gives the shopper a perfectly balanced look and both the wooden hearts and the ribbons on the handle give it a kitsch twist. My favourite detail of all is the little wooden fox under the handle!

I love finding amazing handmade items like this, it’s so nice to know that a lot of time and effort has gone in to making each product, especially when it’s custom-made like this! I always have my handbag and an extra bag to carry my lunch/gym clothes/a change of shoes for my big stomps home so this was a perfect gift for me.

Had you heard of Harris Tweed before? Is there anything that you can never have enough gifts based around? Let me know in the comments below!




Prima Makeup | Pressed Glitter Eyeshadows

I’m not usually one to buy products from brands I haven’t heard of, but when an advert for Prima Makeup popped up on my Facebook feed, I couldn’t resist having a peep! After reading all of the glowing reviews, I decided to ask for one of the pressed glitter sets as part of my Christmas from Scott. I ended up  going for the All That Glitters set as I mainly wear warm smoky eyes when I go out. After the first try I knew straight away that I would be buying more colours!

The Glitter

The set arrived on Christmas Eve with a lovely little thank you note with tips on application. The glitters are lazer cut cosmetic grade glitter, giving them an amazing holographic finish that is safe for use on the eyes! They have a gel like consistency, which means there is no need for glue as they adhere to the skin themselves. They arrive in small plastic casing, with palettes also available on the website. I messaged Prima Makeup’s Facebook page asking if they fit into a MAC Pro Palette and was delighted to find out that they do.

The Application

I begin by prepping my eyes with a primer, then apply my darker colours in small circles on the outer corner of my lid. Like most of the reviews I’ve seen, I find it easiest to apply the glitters with my fingers. I rub my finger around the pan to warm up the product and get as much glitter as possible on my finger tip. Then, I smooth and pat the glitter eyeshadow over my eyelid, building it up as much as I want. You have so much control this way, you can pick up a small amount for a sprinkle of glitter on top of your eyeshadow, or pack on for a full glam effect! As the glitter has that gel like consistency, there is barely any fallout so you don’t need to hold a tissue or cotton pad under the eye like with many loose glitters.

The Verdict

I’ve only ever used loose glitter or glitter liners, so finding something that is pretty much in between is perfect for me. The glitter doesn’t fall during the day, doesn’t smudge or crease, yet still removes with ease. (Note: I do have the odd glitter particle on my face and in my hair the day after, as expected!) For a mere £3.50, the glitters don’t break the bank, although I do think it takes quite a lot of glitter to cover the eye. If you look at the brown tones in the above photo, you can see where it’s starting to dip in after a few applications!

All things considered, I think if you’re looking to add glitters to your makeup bag/kit, these are a brilliant option. As you can see, I’ve already caved and bought almost all the colours – I think there are only 3 I don’t have! They’re my go-to product to finish off glam make up looks and I’ve been excited to get clients booked in since I’ve bought them! What are your thoughts on glitter? Are you a fan, or maybe you don’t see the appeal? Let me know in the comments below!



The Body Shop | Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops

If you’re as pale as I am, then I’m willing to bet that at some point in your life you’ve struggled to find a foundation to match your skin. My two favourite foundations are NARS Sheer Glow and MAC Prolongwear, but both of these are too dark for my skin, even in the palest shade. (I’m a NC10 in Studio Fix, to help you MAC lover’s get a better picture of what we’re dealing with here!) As soon as I saw The Body Shop launch their Shade Adjusting Drops, I knew it would be inevitable that the Lightening Drops would be a purchase for me in the near future.

When I went in, I asked how much roughly I should use and got a very vague answer, so I’ve spent the past month experimenting and ultimately wasting a lot of foundation whilst I figure out the ratio for each foundation. Sheer Glow was pretty easy as it’s only a teensy bit too dark, so I use about a 1:2 ratio of Lightening Drops to foundation (technical, I know!) For Prolongwear, I need a little more, about a 1:1 to give me a pale enough result. I love that the Shade Drops are a lovely consistency, they don’t thin out any of my foundations once mixed in. So far I haven’t noticed a change in the finish my foundations, nor the longevity.

One gripe I do have with the Shade Adjusting Drops is that the dropper is pretty crap. I noticed this about the tester in store and thought that it might just be empty, but I struggle to pick anything up with the dropper in mine as well. For now, I either tip it out or stick a cotton bud into the bottle, which isn’t the most convenient, but it does the job!

I now feel like I have so much more flexibility when it comes to wearing foundation. I used to have to put on instant tan if I was planning to wear more coverage for evening, or wear a high-necked top and blend the foundation down onto my neck. I feel a lot more comfortable being pale now that I know I can wear any foundation that I want without the fear of having an orange face!

Have you tried any foundation lightening drops before? I’ve seen that NYX do a white foundation lightener too, so once I’ve finished this bottle I’ll have to give NYX a go and do a comparison post for you guys!



Fragrance Diary | Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Dupe

When it comes to fragrance, I love a mixture of sweet and spicy. I tend to wear The Body Shop Brazil Nut or Vanilla Body Mists for something softer during the day, which always get me compliments. I haven’t had a steady night time perfume in a while since I ran out of Modern Muse Le Rouge (review here), but before Christmas I asked three of my friends which perfume they had on, with all of them answering Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille! Now, I’m not normally one to splash out on expensive perfumes, but with this one I just had to. You know?

Tobacco Vanille and Velvet Teddy

Fast forward about a  week or two after I bought Tobacco Vanille and MAC released their Shadescent Perfumes. My favourite was instantly Velvet Teddy, it made me feel super Christmasy and I kept re-smelling my wrist where I had sprayed it thoughout the day. A couple of days later someone pointed out that it smelled really similar to Tobacco Vanille and they were 100% right. A quick comparison shows that the perfumes have quite a few of the same notes; namely tobacco flower, tonka leaf and vanilla orchid. Obviously I had to buy Velvet Teddy to take home and compare, so I can firmly say thay they are very similar scents. I even have people asking if I have Tobacco Vanille on when I wear Velvet Teddy!

At £35, the MAC Shadescents are obviously much more affordable fragrances than many perfumes out there! I also quite like Ruby Woo, it has a leathery scent that took a while to grow on me, but after it settles it feels like a very grown up perfume!

Have you smelled any of the MAC Shadescents? Which is your favourite? Or maybe you have a great dupe for another perfume! If you’re a MAC fan, you might enjoy my post on the Mariah Carey collection.



Primark | Mini Blender Sponges

I really hate shopping in town, so I barely go to Primark as it’s a massive stress for me. But when it came to Christmas shopping, I popped in for some stocking fillers and ended up buying quite a few items for myself. I was delighted that they had a lot of makeup storage, including make up drawers that I bought on eBay a couple of years ago for about a £7!

While I was looking at the drawers I spotted an array of make up sponges along the wall and started wondering if they would be any good. The most expensive sponge was a mere £4, so I decided it was worth a try! I picked up a pack with 3 weeny sponges and as soon as I got home I had to give them a go.

I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but once wet the green egg seems a little less absorbent than the orange, so I use it more for powders or cream contour. The orange sponge is my main man and he’s fabulous for blending out concealer and highlighter under the eyes. I use the MAC Prep + Prime highlighter pen which has very little coverage, but with the sponge non of the product seems to get wasted and I get more coverage than when I use a brush or my Real Techniques sponge! The pink guy I’m not even going to pretend to know the intended use of, but for me it’s liquid highlighter. To be honest, pinky is a little bit abandoned and I feel pretty bad, but I’m sure I’ll come up with some more uses soon!

I didn’t buy these sponges with high expectations so I’m super impressed with how good they are. They’re now part of my daily routine and for the price I really won’t mind if I have to rebuy them – which happens a lot when I wash sponges as I can be haphazard and constantly rip them 😦

What products would you recommend from the Primark beauty section? Leave me a comment below or tweet me your favourites!