Primark | Mini Blender Sponges

I really hate shopping in town, so I barely go to Primark as it’s a massive stress for me. But when it came to Christmas shopping, I popped in for some stocking fillers and ended up buying quite a few items for myself. I was delighted that they had a lot of makeup storage, including make up drawers that I bought on eBay a couple of years ago for about a £7!

While I was looking at the drawers I spotted an array of make up sponges along the wall and started wondering if they would be any good. The most expensive sponge was a mere £4, so I decided it was worth a try! I picked up a pack with 3 weeny sponges and as soon as I got home I had to give them a go.

I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but once wet the green egg seems a little less absorbent than the orange, so I use it more for powders or cream contour. The orange sponge is my main man and he’s fabulous for blending out concealer and highlighter under the eyes. I use the MAC Prep + Prime highlighter pen which has very little coverage, but with the sponge non of the product seems to get wasted and I get more coverage than when I use a brush or my Real Techniques sponge! The pink guy I’m not even going to pretend to know the intended use of, but for me it’s liquid highlighter. To be honest, pinky is a little bit abandoned and I feel pretty bad, but I’m sure I’ll come up with some more uses soon!

I didn’t buy these sponges with high expectations so I’m super impressed with how good they are. They’re now part of my daily routine and for the price I really won’t mind if I have to rebuy them – which happens a lot when I wash sponges as I can be haphazard and constantly rip them 😦

What products would you recommend from the Primark beauty section? Leave me a comment below or tweet me your favourites!



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