First Impressions | Origins By All Greens Foaming Mask

It’s not very often I impulse buy products, but when I spotted the Origins By All Greens Foaming Mask I was instantly interested. A quick google brought up the sound bite “gently deep clean and unclog pores without stripping the skin,” sounding perfect for my drier skin type, as sometimes I feel that deep cleaning masks are extremely drying!

The mask contains green tea, spirulina and spinach to help detox and deep clean the skin. Other antioxidant ingredients I spied on the bottle are lemon and orange oil, spearmint extract and blueberry extract. Of course, kaolin is also included, a staple in any deep cleansing product!

The bottle is pressurised so I gave it a quick shake and put a small amount on my fingers. The mask comes out as a gooey liquid and the instructions say not to blend or rub the product with your hands, as it will activate the product too soon. The next step is to let the mask develop into a foam over the next few minutes. This part I’m a little unsure of, as for me the mask didn’t really foam, but settled onto my skin. I think I maybe didn’t use enough, or need to wet my skin first! I could feel the product sinking in to my skin and when looking closely I could see it settling into all my pores and pulling out all the grossness. After about 5 minutes I wet my hands, massaged the mask until it foamed up again and washed it off with a face sponge.

My skin definitely felt like it had a deep clean, with a soft tingling sensation and a smooth feel. I followed up with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask, as I always feel like my skin is a little tight after a mask. The recommended usage is 3 times a week, which I think I will actually manage for once as the mask doesn’t need to be kept on for more than a few minutes! After one use my skin definitely feels like it’s had a deep clean, which is great as I’m used to masks that need to be left to dry on before they give a deep enough clean for my clogged pores! Wearing make up almost every day always leaves my pores visibly congested, but as it’s dry a lot of deep cleansing masks sting and dry out my skin even more.

Have you tried any Origins Products? I love everything I’ve tried so far, but I’d love to hear your recommendations! Leave me a comment with your favourite skincare products!



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