The Perfect Red Lip 

Today is a day that people seem to either love or loathe entirely – I know, right now you’re picturing a certain GIF of The Grinch 😉 – but for me, I’m not really fussed! I do however, love all the cutesy stuff that comes with the Valentines theme  – pinks and reds everywhere, little heart shapes and of course, pink and red make up! I always love a classic red lip with winger liner, so today is the perfect day to show you my top tips on perfecting the art of the red lip.

The first step is to prep the lips. I’ve been wearing liquid lipsticks almost every day recently as I don’t have many opportunities for top ups, so my lips are in a little bit of a state. I’ve incorporated MAC’s Vanilla Lip Scrubtious and Primark’s Coconut Lip Jelly into my morning skincare routine to help combat my dry lips. I scoop out a little lip scrub with a damp cotton bud, apply to my lips and rub with my finger, using light circular motions. I remove any excess sugar particles that haven’t emulsified with a damp cotton pad and apply a thin layer of the lip jelly. I love that the jelly sets in, it feels like a protective barrier and doesn’t end up sticking to any wild locks. I then continue with my usual skincare and make up routine, where I always leave my lips as the final step.

Before starting your red lip (or any lip for that matter) it’s important to make sure you remove any moisturiser/lip balm as it will cause the lipstick to slip off. I find putting lip liner straight onto the lips really difficult as it drags on the skin, so I always, always use a lip primer underneath. Not only will this help with the longevity of your lipstick and liner, but it makes the liner literally glide on. I apply the liner using the flat of the pencil rather than the tip, starting from the outer corners and drawing in towards the middle with small strokes. I then lightly fill in the lips with liner to give the look extra staying power! I don’t spend a lot of time perfecting the lip liner until I apply the lipstick as I find I end up going back over it anyway, it’s so much easier to see if the lips are even once the lipstick is on. Most people have one side of their lip which is slightly plumper than the other, so once I have the lipstick on, I go back over the liner and overdraw my thinner side to even my lip shape out.

My personal ultimate red lip combination is MAC Cherry lip pencil and Habanero Liptensity lipstick. Habanero has a slight orangey tinge, which I love on my skintone, especially with the new copper tones in my hair. The Liptensity lipsticks are amazing as they last for about 8 hours and have a gel based formula, which is comfortable on the lips and gives an amazing pigmentation in one swipe!

What is your favourite red lip? Do you like to go bright, or do you go for a darker, vampy look? Let me know your must have products in the comments below!



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