The £5 Rose Gold Brush Set | One Month Update

I can’t believe that it’s been a month since I wrote about the Rose Gold Brush Set I purchased on Amazon (post here) and I have to say – so far I’m in love! I’ve washed the brushes plenty of times with next to no shedding and although they have stained slightly, they’re easy to clean and still feel super soft and fluffy.

I find myself using the square-shaped white bristle brush the most, as it slots perfectly into the socket line to blend out my eyeshadows. My next two most used are the small pointed brush – perfect for adding in darker colours in the corners and blending underneath – and the small flat duo fibre, which I use to carve out my cut creases.

Since I bought this kit I’ve hardly touched my MAC 217 blending  brush – which is really saying something as it’s been my most beloved brush for a good 4 years now! The only other brushes I use on my eyes now are a small flat eyeshadow brush for glitter or for adding colour in the inner corner, and the MAC 224 for blending away any harsh edges.

Again, I will add an update in a few months to see how the brushes are lasting and if I still use them, but I really do have high hopes so far!

What are your favourite brushes? Do you have any bargains to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!



Make Up Revolution Luxe Lip Kit Reign | Review and Swatches

It’s not very often I buy something that I’m disappointed in, as I’m pretty good at doing my research first. So it is with a heavy heart I write about such a highly rated product with a negative view! I’ve been interested in the Make Up Revolution Luxe Lip Kits for a little while now and after seeing so many reviews raving about them, I decided it was time to give them a go. I’ve tried Lime Crime Velvetines, MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks and MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer so I’m no stranger to liquid lipsticks and kind of knew what to expect.

I originally wanted Echelon or Noble, but when I was in Superdrug the only light colour I could see was Reign and since there were no testers I went on a whim and bought it. It’s a lot pinkier than I expected, especially the liner! The lipliner does feels amazing, it’s so smooth that it glides on with ease. I think I would probably still use the lipliner when I’m wearing a pink lipstick, as it has incredible staying power, doesn’t transfer and feels comfortable on the lips.

So now we move on to the liquid lipstick, wherein lies my issue with the kit! The colour of the lipstick is a lot more what I had expected – a nude with a pink undertone. As the lipliner is such a different colour I had to put the lipstick all over my lips, right up to the edges. I waited a good 20 minutes, expecting the liquid lipstick to dry completely to a matte finish, but instead it stays really tacky and I found my lips sticking together! As you can see in the photo above, it looks really cakey as it only half dries and you can even see that the corner of my mouth is stuck together!

The one thing I will give the lip kit is that it is transfer resistant. I kissed the back of my hand, expecting to leave a tacky mess behind and I was so surprised to see that although the lipstick doesn’t set, it didn’t leave any trace on the back of my hand and neither did the liner! I expecting to have a photo where I either had a ring on lipliner or little bits of the lipstick on my hand, but it was completely clean so I decided taking a photo of my clean hand was pretty pointless!

The tacky feeling is definitely a deal breaker in my eyes, I couldn’t last more than 20 minutes with it so there is no way I could leave it on all day! As I said, I’ll maybe keep the liner to wear with other lipsticks, but the liquid lipstick is unfortunately going in the bin. If I were looking for a budget liquid lipstick in the future, it would be MUA I’d go to!

Have you tried the Make Up Revolution Luxe Lip Kits? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.


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How To Have Killer Nails On A Budget

I’ve never really been the kind of girl who gets her nails done – I’ve had it a few times and although I love the look, I don’t have the money for the upkeep! I do however, get a lot of compliments on my nails, with people asking where I get them done. So here is my secret – I use Primark stick on nails!

One of my clients mentioned she uses Primark nails when she doesn’t have time to do them before an occasion and said they last a good two weeks, so the next time I was in Primark I couldn’t help but pick up a couple of sets! I first went for the pointed nails, buying one nude and one black set. They are super-duper long, so I give them a good file down as I go along! I find it best to start with my pinky finger, glue the nail on, file it down, repeat on the other hand, then move onto the ring finger, and so on.

I currently use the glue that comes with the nails – it’s a little bit of a pain as you cut off the top of the tube and I find the nib gets covered in glue, but so far the glue has been great! I find that between having a hands-on job and having a bad habit of picking at the sides of my nails, I do pull a few off and have to stick them back on. However, after two weeks they’re still going strong and my main reason for soaking them off is to put a different coloured set on. I make sure I always use acetone to soak of the nails rather than forcing them off and damaging my own nails, which are still a bit soft from my last set of gels!

My only complaint about the nails is that the sizes aren’t all that great. There are heaps of massive nails – I’m going to go ahead and say thumb sized since they are pretty big! – and not many medium sizes. I struggle to fit the nails on my index finger, as they’re either too big, or slightly too small and curved to stick on firmly. The nails are easy to paint over and there are so many options for colour and shapes – my new favourite are the Squareletto!

Do you use stick on nails? What brand do you use? As a bit of a side note – I did buy the clear nails from Primark to paint my own, but I found they always seemed to snap down the middle after a few days!



Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette | First Impressions and Swatches

A little foreword : If you’re here for the swatches, I’ve tried to make it easier by putting them right at the bottom of the post, so feel free to skip all the chatter and pop on down!

A couple of weeks back I went to Vegas for a wedding – which was utterly amazing! – and one thing that was a bit underwhelming for me was Sephora. I had it in my head that it would be this amazing beauty hall with all these brands I had never seen before, but in all honesty I spent most of my time looking at the stalls and thinking “I can get this online in the UK.” As the pound isn’t doing great at the moment, it was working out at around the same price for almost every brand! It was nice to swatch the Becca highlighters and all of the ABH products, but I don’t urgently need them and I would rather save my money for now.

The one brand that was worth buying was Tarte. I’m not a great shopper so by the time I came to the Tarte stall I was a little bored and didn’t spend a lot of time taking it in. But as soon as I spied the Amazonian Clay Palette I was taken by Whimsy and Mod, so obviously I had to swatch them on my hand! I instantly fell in love with the colours and pigmentation and decided it was worth buying as I need a palette with a mixture of cool and warm colours for freelance!

The first thing I noticed when I used the Amazonian Clay Palette is how soft the shadows are – which isn’t entirely a good thing! Although it means you get heaps of pigmentation, you can see in the photo above how much product “dusts” away when you pat a brush onto the powder – even the lightest of touches seems to leave a residue that ends up wasted. Another downside that you can see in the swatches is that the darkest colours aren’t all that easy to blend and I find that I need to use a tiny, firm haired brush to apply the colour and start the blending off before I use a fluffy brush to soften the colour.

With those two negatives aside, I can tell this palette is going to be a firm favourite! I took it with me to a wedding and ended up using it on the whole party. The cool colours were perfect to create a soft smoky eye that suited everyone and I also ended up using the mirror on the palette instead of my usual hand-held mirror as it’s so big!

I can’t wait to create some looks to show you guys using the palette, I already have a soft cut crease in mine with the orangey colours! Have you ever tried Tarte? What should I have my eye on next time I venture over to America? Let me know in the comments below!


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Going For “The Chop”

For years I was one of those girls who dreaded getting their hair cut and always asked for “as little possible” off the ends, even though it needed a lot more. After the last time I went blonde, I decided enough was enough and cut my hair shorter. I hated it and it took a good two years to grow as my hair was so damaged from the bleach. But, as my hair repaired and became a lot more curly, it grew a lot quicker and getting it cut didn’t seem like such a big deal.

Over the past 6 months my hair has started to grow longer than it has since I was about 13 and of course I started to think about cutting it short (note that my definition of short isn’t actually, you know, short) as sometimes long hair is a bit of a pain, especially when it gets tuggy and matted after a day of curls! I decided to take the plunge when my mum bought me a gift card for Profile for my Christmas.

The New Do

I already knew I wanted to get highlights, as half of my hair still has a yellow tinge underneath from the bleach that just won’t shift. I didn’t want to change colour but the contrast makes my natural hair look a bit dull, so I opted for red and copper highlights. I went in with images of “pumpkin spiced hair” (none of which had anything near my natural colour as a base!) and when the salon owner, Amy, asked if I wanted go for a few pure copper tones in my hair, I decided to give it a go! As soon as the colour was washed off, I knew I loved it. Even with wet hair it was obvious that my hair was a lot more multi tonal.

The best way to describe the hair length I wanted is “armpit length” (if anyone knows a nicer name for this length please let me know!) and even though I was set on it, when I felt the first snip my heart had a little pang and for a split second I worried that I would regret the decision. As soon as my hair was blow dried I was so happy I went for the chop. My hair immediately had so much more life and bounce, as well as looking amazing with the highlights! When Paul was blow drying my hair it felt so effortless and my hair sat a lot better than it has in a very long time.

The first week after my salon visit was a little strange, I’ve not had short hair in so long so I kept using far too much product on it, leaving the ends looking raggidy and causing me to wash my hair ever other day. Now that I’ve adjusted, my hair is so easy to style! Most days I leave it to do its own thing, or put a few heated rollers in the crown to refresh the style. Even when I blow dry my hair, I can get away with blasting it dry and using a brush to neaten the ends.

The Salon

As you can see by the photos on Profiles website, the salon is a chic little haven on Huntly Street with some seriously cool decor – I mean just look at the backwash, it couldn’t grab my attention more if it tried! As soon as you walk in the door you are immersed by the friendly, chilled out atmosphere and I always feel excited to be there.

The salon owner Amy originally took me on for both my weeks of work experience in my second and third year of college when I was younger and she made me feel so welcomed and at home even though I was obviously a bit clueless about working in a salon. She even showed me a lot of tips and tricks as we went along. I couldn’t think of going to any other salon as I’ve never felt like comfortable  as much as I do whenever I go to Profile! (I’m sure anyone who doesn’t enjoy getting their hair cut will understand what I mean) Nothing is a bother and as I mentioned before, there is a friendly, laid back vibe running through the salon.

My usual stylist is Paul, who somehow manages to take my incredibly vague descriptions of what I want and magically gets it spot on. The best part of the experience is that Paul is so genuine, he doesn’t ask standard small talk questions and on the days where I’m not feeling so chatty, it isn’t awkward not to speak!

The Products

Profile is an exclusive stock list of the Italian based brand Davines, who create eco-friendly, sustainable products that are scientifically engineered to work. I needed to stock up on the All-In-One Milk and also came away with the MINU Shampoo* and THIS IS A MEDIUM HOLD GEL*.

The MINU Shampoo is designed for coloured hair and on the second wash it lathers into a creamy foam which gently cleanses the hair whilst protecting the colour. I can’t begin to describe how good the shampoo smells – it’s described as a citrus (orange blossom) and fresh scent, but to me it smells more…botonical? I’m not sure that’s what I mean, but it smells gorgeous and clean, how I imagine a spa would want to smell!

I asked for advice on how to get my curls to stay in after diffusing my hair as it tends to go fluffy, expecting to be shown some sort of mousse or creme. When Amy suggested the THIS IS A MEDIUM HOLD GEL it was a bit of a lightbulb moment – of course a gel would be great on curls! I absolutely love that this comes in its own little parcel, it’s like opening a present! I use this even when I leave my hair to dry naturally as it gives my locks more texture – I simply scrunch a tiny amount through the midlengths and ends of my hair, both when it’s wet, or even when it’s dry if I need a little more hold. I really want to try out the gel for a wet look ponytail or low bun, but I haven’t quite gotten up the courage yet!

I’m already considering going for a shoulder length cut next time and I definitely want more copper highlights, so it’s safe to say I’m a changed woman! Sometimes I look at photos of girls with super long hair pleats or funky styles and I do miss having longer hair, but I can’t ignore how much healthier and happier my hair is after being chopped, so for the next while I’ll definitely be keeping it shorter!

Where is your favourite salon? Let me know why it’s your number one in the comments below, and head on over to my Instagram to see my before and after (with added dog filter, of course!)