Morphe | Copper Spice Palette

Morphe 25A Copper Spice Palette

I recently left a very beloved job and for my leaving present I was ecstatic to receive a Beauty Bay voucher. I love a good voucher, especially for places I wouldn’t normally shop! (Which is pretty much everywhere except MAC, New Look and Primark to be honest.) I already had a wishlist from browsing and knew straight away that I wanted a facemask and two eyeshadows from Makeup Geek, but I hadn’t quite decided on which Crease Brush I wanted from Morphe. I spent an afternoon looking at the Morphe products and kept coming back to the 25A Copper Spice Palette.

The slick, square shapes and super shimmery eyeshadows were all it really took to grab my attention. I have so many warm eyeshadow palettes already, but I was on the lookout for more mustard tones and since the Copper Spice palette had quite a few, I decided it was worth the investment. I mean, at £19.50 I still had plenty of leftover money from my voucher so I might as well treat myself, right?

The top two rows have softer, clay coloured eyeshadows that work great as base and transition colours. The middle row has darker eyeshadows with a warm reddish undertone, making them perfect for the outer corner and to darken the crease. The most eye-catching colours are definitely the foiled colours on the fourth row. They give any look an added POW! and I’ve seen a few people wear this on the inner corner for a pop of shimmer! Obviously my favourite is the copper one – but that’s no surprise, it is?! The last row has a few more dark shimmery colours and the matte brown and black colour which I love for smoking out the corners.

Morphe Copper Spice Palette

The colours have great pigmentation and are super soft – luckily they don’t go “dusty” like my Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette. The darker colours are easy to blend without looking patchy or dirty and the shimmers look as good on the eye as they do in their pans! I’m now thinking I might need to add the 25B Bronze Mocha to my collection too – I don’t think I have enough purples in my kit!

Have you tried the Copper Spice or Bronzed Mocha Palettes? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!



I bought something from an Instagram advert

Do you ever get sponsored videos popping up on your Instagram or Facebook, advertising seemingly revolutionary products? I certainly do and one that caught my eye was the Etude House Tint My Brow Gel. The video managed to make me stop scrolling and watch as the product peeled off the brow, revealing perfectly filled in brows!

I knew I had to give this a go to see if it was a just a huge gimmick or not. I hopped on over to Amazon and quickly found the gel for a mere £5. It surprisingly only took a few days to arrive and I was excited to try it out, so the evening before my next day off I got to work. I cleansed and dried my eyebrows to ensure the product went on clean skin and opened up the lid of the gel. The applicator is quite thick, making is a little hard to apply the gel evenly. The gel its self is very thick, making it easy to get a good coating on the brow. I put the gel on as neatly as possible and use a few cotton buds to clean up the shape. The gel dries quite fast and the directions suggest to leave it on for at least 2 hours, or overnight if possible. I left it on for about 4 hours and decided to peel it off before bedtime. When I peeled off the hardened gel I was a little horrified – it had tinted the skin under my brows bright orange!

Luckily for me, the staining removed pretty easily with a little bit of water and any residue came off with make up remover. Not too desirable as I’d want to at least be able to shower without the tint coming off if it had been the right colour! I had expected the look to be a lot like my brows after being tinted (in the photo below all I have on my brows is staining from my tint!) but it came out a lot more opaque and it was obvious I had something on my brows. I think this is what most people would be hoping for, but my brows are really sparse so I don’t want anything that looks too obvious.

Overall, I don’t think I’ll be using the Etude House Tint My Brows Gel again. There are different shades that might not come out so orange, but the finished look is just too obvious for what I wanted to achieve and since it came off with water, I feel like I’d end up needing to top up every day!

Has Instagram or Facebook advertising ever lead you to a purchase? I’d be interested to know the things that work and are a waste of money so let me know in the comments below!





I’ve wanted to try out GlamGlow for a long time now, but I’m not exactly the richest person in the world and it’s a bit scary to part with a chunk of money for a product that might not even be that great. But after hearing glowing (haha) review after glowing review, I eventually caved and decided it was time to try one of the GlamGlow masks. I was so tempted to go for SuperMud as I love a deep cleanse, but the sensible side of me took a step back and decided to be a bit more realistic, as my skin is much more on the dry side.

As soon as my tub arrived I gave my face a nice exfoliation and painted on the mask.  It smell lovely, like a coconut smoothie and has a gel consistency – a bit surprising for a moisture mask! The directions say that it can be used as a leave on treatment, so I put on a thin layer went on with my day. When it was first applied the mask it made my skin feel slightly tingly – not in a sore, is-this-mask-irritating-my-skin way; more like a minty fresh feeling.

After 20 minutes or so I gently rubbed in the mask and used a tissue to blot off the excess. I could still feel a slight residue, but nothing compared to the other “leave on” masks I’ve tried – I’ve always had to wash them off in the end! I didn’t wear make up for the rest of the day, but even the day after when I wore and removed makeup, my skin still had that fresh, plumped feeling that face masks give you!

After three uses I’ve noticed a difference in my skin – it’s a lot more glowy and hydrated, and the dry patches on my cheeks are starting to disappear. My nose and between my brows still looks a bit dry, but I’m hoping over the long-term my skin will improve!

Have you ever tried anything from the GlamGlow range? Or maybe you can recommend a good hydrating mask? Let me know in the comments below!



H&M Beauty 

When I was in Finland visiting my brother, my mum and I had a day to ourselves where we decided to go shopping. After spending the day in the many shops of Helsinki, the only place I ended up buying from was H&M!

We found a massive H&M that had both a homeware section and a beauty section – something I’ve never seen before, even in Glasgow! (Let’s not even talk about the measly H&Ms in Aberdeen.) The homeware was lovely and it was great to be able to see everything in person, but as it can be quite bulky I decided it would be better to buy online at home. We went back upstairs and spent a good 15 minutes oohing and aahing over the hair and body items, sniffing the perfumes and constantly calling each other over to look at something new we’d discovered.

The haircare had me at hello and with all the products costing under 10 euros, I couldn’t say no! The one thing I’m always on the lookout for is the perfect product for curls. My hair used to be beautiful and curly when I was younger, but as I’ve gotten older it’s turned into a frizzy wave and I long to get my curls back! I picked up the Beachy Keen Salt Water Cream as I like a little bit of hold in my curls to stop them from dropping. I then spent a little time with the Defining Moment Texture Paste in one hand and then Conscious Texture Styler in the other. Eventually my mum saved the day and offered to buy me one so I could buy the other, meaning both promptly went in our basket. All three products are amazing – I mix the Salt Water Cream and Texture Paste together and they give me tousled hair when it dries natural lyor killer beach waves when I use a diffuser! Then on day two I comb out any tugs and add some Texture Styler to refresh the hold.

After picking up and putting down the perfumes many times (they all smelled divine, but Caribbean Crush was my favourite), we decided against buying any and moved on to face masks. They come in cute little pods with many different options for each skin type. I chose two for tired skin and one for dry skin, although I had to refrain from buying all of them as they sound amazing. I’m excited to try out the Dead Sea Minerals, it sounds like it’s exactly what my skin needs!

Have you tried any of the H&M Beauty products? I love everything I’ve bought so far, especially the Salt Water Cream for my hair! I will definitely be keeping an eye on the online store for more goodies to snap up!




Trying Out A Silicone Sponge! 

Ever since the rise of the silicone sponge, I have to admit that I’ve been a tad curious! So when my mum surprised me with the Violet Voss silicone applicator, I was more than happy to give it a go.

The Violet Voss version has a design on one side and is clear on the other. There is a seam with a slight frill separating the two sides, which I find a little random as it kind of gets in the way during application. The first foundation I tried out the silicone applicator was MAC Face and Body. It’s water based and gives a super light coverage, which works pretty well with the applicator. I used little dabbing motions with the applicator to blend in the foundation and as I mentioned, the frilly seam got in the way around the nose and the eyes. I ended up using my fingers for those areas and overall the result wasn’t all that bad.

The next foundation I tried out the silicone applicator with was NARS Sheer Glow. As it’s a lot creamier than MAC Face and Body I thought thatx I might encounter some problems. I saw a few videos on Instagram where people used circular rubbing motions with their silicone sponge, so I decided to give it a try. All I really achieved was a nice smearing of foundation on my face, so I went back to the dabbing motions to try to blend it in. Even then, I still feel like the foundation was just kind of sitting on the skin. As you can see in the above photo, even with the dabbing motions I couldn’t quite get into the little nooks and crannies around my nose.

In all honesty, after I set my foundation with powder, the MAC Face and Body didn’t look all that bad! I think the Silicone Applicator works a lot better with thin foundations, where they don’t need to settle on the skin too much. I still sometimes use the Violet Boss silicone applicator when I wear Face and Body, but I’m definitely sticking to my sponge for thicker formulas!

Have you ever tried a silicone sponge before? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!




The £5 Rose Gold Brush Set | One Month Update

I can’t believe that it’s been a month since I wrote about the Rose Gold Brush Set I purchased on Amazon (post here) and I have to say – so far I’m in love! I’ve washed the brushes plenty of times with next to no shedding and although they have stained slightly, they’re easy to clean and still feel super soft and fluffy.

I find myself using the square-shaped white bristle brush the most, as it slots perfectly into the socket line to blend out my eyeshadows. My next two most used are the small pointed brush – perfect for adding in darker colours in the corners and blending underneath – and the small flat duo fibre, which I use to carve out my cut creases.

Since I bought this kit I’ve hardly touched my MAC 217 blending  brush – which is really saying something as it’s been my most beloved brush for a good 4 years now! The only other brushes I use on my eyes now are a small flat eyeshadow brush for glitter or for adding colour in the inner corner, and the MAC 224 for blending away any harsh edges.

Again, I will add an update in a few months to see how the brushes are lasting and if I still use them, but I really do have high hopes so far!

What are your favourite brushes? Do you have any bargains to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!



Make Up Revolution Luxe Lip Kit Reign | Review and Swatches

It’s not very often I buy something that I’m disappointed in, as I’m pretty good at doing my research first. So it is with a heavy heart I write about such a highly rated product with a negative view! I’ve been interested in the Make Up Revolution Luxe Lip Kits for a little while now and after seeing so many reviews raving about them, I decided it was time to give them a go. I’ve tried Lime Crime Velvetines, MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks and MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer so I’m no stranger to liquid lipsticks and kind of knew what to expect.

I originally wanted Echelon or Noble, but when I was in Superdrug the only light colour I could see was Reign and since there were no testers I went on a whim and bought it. It’s a lot pinkier than I expected, especially the liner! The lipliner does feels amazing, it’s so smooth that it glides on with ease. I think I would probably still use the lipliner when I’m wearing a pink lipstick, as it has incredible staying power, doesn’t transfer and feels comfortable on the lips.

So now we move on to the liquid lipstick, wherein lies my issue with the kit! The colour of the lipstick is a lot more what I had expected – a nude with a pink undertone. As the lipliner is such a different colour I had to put the lipstick all over my lips, right up to the edges. I waited a good 20 minutes, expecting the liquid lipstick to dry completely to a matte finish, but instead it stays really tacky and I found my lips sticking together! As you can see in the photo above, it looks really cakey as it only half dries and you can even see that the corner of my mouth is stuck together!

The one thing I will give the lip kit is that it is transfer resistant. I kissed the back of my hand, expecting to leave a tacky mess behind and I was so surprised to see that although the lipstick doesn’t set, it didn’t leave any trace on the back of my hand and neither did the liner! I expecting to have a photo where I either had a ring on lipliner or little bits of the lipstick on my hand, but it was completely clean so I decided taking a photo of my clean hand was pretty pointless!

The tacky feeling is definitely a deal breaker in my eyes, I couldn’t last more than 20 minutes with it so there is no way I could leave it on all day! As I said, I’ll maybe keep the liner to wear with other lipsticks, but the liquid lipstick is unfortunately going in the bin. If I were looking for a budget liquid lipstick in the future, it would be MUA I’d go to!

Have you tried the Make Up Revolution Luxe Lip Kits? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.