Good evening everyone! I hope today has been magical for all those celebrating today. As I write this I am snuggled up on the sofa in my new pajamas, hoodie and slippers – which are some of the gifts I always look forward to receiving. Walter has been absolutely spoiled rotten and even got his own mini Christmas dinner, so he is now peacefully sleeping cuddled up to Scott, possibly dreaming of all the wrapping paper he got to play with today (he helped everyone to open their gifts!) We had a lovely day at my parents house and Scott had to drag me home before I demolished any more food and made myself sick.


I just wanted to write a quick post thanking you all for supporting me throughout my blogging adventure! I know I haven’t been anywhere near amazing with creating content, but blogging and blog photography are thing that I really enjoy and will definitely keep trying to develop! I’m off to Iceland in just over a weeks time and I cannot wait to get out and about with my Olympus Pen – Iceland is just the most beautiful country and I’m excited to explore it again!

I might not have another post up before I leave, so I hope all my readers and fellow bloggers have a wonderful festive period and I wish you all the best for 2018!

Big hugs and kisses



Aberdeen Eats | Revolucion de Cuba


Last Saturday, I was meant to attend CheeseFest Aberdeen with my mum. A couple of days before it came to light that there had been a lot of complaints about the CheeseFest in other cities and it was obvious from their twitter that they were struggling to find companies to work with. We decided we would just meet up for lunch instead to avoid disappointment and headed to Revolucion de Cuba. It was just gone noon and the restaurant was pretty quiet, with only one other party when we arrived.

We were slightly disappointed as we were sat in pretty standard chairs instead of any of the nice comfy chairs that we could see were unoccupied, but that was soon forgotten as our waitress Frances brought over tortilla chips and a jug of water. Frances was amazing and definitely made a big impact on our experience. She gave recommendations on how many tapas to have if we were having mains, which dishes were popular and pointed out that we could mix up the fries with our main. All the food sounded good and it was hard to choose, especially with the tapas.

As I’m sure you are well aware, I’m not at all a food blogger, so I didn’t get great photos of our meals! For starters we chose to go for 3 tapas to share, choosing Chicken and Lime Skewers (for mum), Cajun Cream Mushrooms and Nachos De Sol. The best of these was definitely the Cajun Cream Mushrooms, which were rich and full of flavour.



A reindeer-inspired blend of Bacardi Carta Fuego rum and amaretto shaken with sweet almond, vanilla, raspberry, lemon and pineapple. Pays homage to Rudolph himself… Can you spot the resemblance?

Whilst waiting on our mains, we decided to give the christmas cocktails a try. I was between Sleigh Puller and an Eggnog Colada, but as we were having a meal I decided that Sleigh Puller was probably the more sensible choice. My mum opted for The North Star – A seriously seasonal mix of Santa Teresa Gran Reserva rum, Aperol and vermouth with caramel liqueur and orange bitters. Finished with a gorgeous orange and star anise garnish for even more Christmas flavour. Both drinks were pretty strong, which is why Rev de Cuba is one of my favourite cocktail bars!


For the main meals, I chose the Halloumi Wrap and my mum went for the Cuban Cheeseburger. We both chose to have Cheesy Cuban fries, which was definitely a great shout, as I’m sure you can tell from the photos! We could barely finish our mains as they tapas was so generous, which is never a bad thing in my opinion.

I think we made a good choice skipping the CheeseFest and going to Revolucion de Cuba instead, with our meal choices we pretty much had our own little cheese festival! Have you been to Revolucion de Cuba before? What did you have? I’ve been slowly working my way through all the cocktails and I definitely want to try out more of the food!



I’m Going Back To College!

Marble Notebook

A little foreword – I’m not really good at writing personal posts, so apologies if this isn’t your thing!

Recently I’ve felt a little lost in the big bad world and decided I wanted a career change. I applied for so many Admin jobs, but only ever heard back from a few, all with rejections. I only ever went to college to do hairdressing, so I started to think about going back to do Admin and IT to get some experience behind me. I looked up the requirements and saw that I could try to get straight into a HNC, which was pretty appealing.

My main worry about going back to college was that it felt like a step back. I’d already done a whole course to discover I hated it and I’ve since worked for four years, including a year of being a supervisor. I talked it over with Scott and my mum, who were both amazingly supportive and made me realise that one more year in college isn’t a big deal. They reminded me that even if it’s shit and I hate studying, it’s just temporary! One year and then I can get a new job and work my way up for there.

The next step was to go for an interview. I was pretty anxious but it turned out to be a group interview and started with a presentation that went over the course. The more I thought about it, the more I felt like I was making the right choice. I was lucky enough to walk away with an Unconditional and the closer the start of college has gotten, the more excited I’ve become! My first class is tomorrow, I’ve bought a new notebook, a new stationary set and have an outfit planned. I know I’m a hard worker and to be honest, I’m really looking forward to channelling my energy into something new!


P.S Student discount come at me! 😉



So you’re getting a dog for the first time?

If you follow me on any form of social media then you will be well aware that just over a month ago, Scott and I brought home our little bundle of joy, Walter. I’ve wanted a dog for as long as I can remember – the only pets I had growing up were fish!. When Scott announced that he was going to see a man about a dog (see what I did there?) I was ecstatic, but nervous as I have literally no experience of looking after a dog!  I decided to write a little post about our first month and a half with Walter and my experiences of owning a dog for the first time.

I’m going to skip over some of the stuff I think is obvious if you’re already looking for a dog. Research which breed is best for you, your dog and your lifestyle. Look up health problems. Look up breeders. Speak to owners of the breed you want to go for. Get your dog registered to a vet, get a health check and get them microchipped.

Moving on, here are the main lessons I’ve learned since we took Walter home –

No amount of research will prepare you for your first week of owning a puppy. It’s exhausting. I cried near the end of the week because I was so tired from waking up every few hours for a pee break. We got Walter at 10 weeks as his previous owners already had a dog and the two just didn’t get along, so the first night when we tried to crate him he screamed non stop. Getting him to willingly go into his crate was a nightmare and it’s only in the past week he’s started to see it as his own little space that he can nap in during the day. He nipped non stop, cried if we left the room, cried when we crated him so we could have dinner, tried to chew cables…but even though everything was so new and trying, it was all worth it for the snuggles, the sits and paws and just having a little furry shadow.

Train your puppy from day one. One of the main comments made about Walter (other than his cuteness) is how good he is. Almost everyone who meets him comments on his behaviour and I was so surprised at how many people said their own dog didn’t know sit. All we really did to train Walter was spending around 10 minutes every morning and evening teaching him commands. We started with sit, paw, stay and come, which I think are pretty essential to every dog! We’ve been a bit unlucky with our puppy training class as it’s been postponed for two weeks, but it’s great for teaching Walter to concentrate on us around distractions. (Especially as there is a boxing class in other half of the room at the same time as puppy training -.-) The main thing we’re working on now is getting Walters recall down. We have a whistle that generally works if calling his name doesn’t, but there are still certain triggers that give him tunnel vision and selective hearing!

Socialise, Socialise, Socialise! Walter has always been generally good with other dogs, but to start with – and even now – if a dog is bigger and a bit of a barker, he tends to sit and hide between our legs. On our first few playdates he would lie on his back and submit as soon as the other dogs got a tiny bit boisterous, but since going on walks where there are a lot of dogs he’s starting to get a lot better at playing. He still hasn’t learned not to run up to every single dog, but when he does find someone to play with he’s a lot more confident! We’re pretty fortunate as there is a park next to us where everyone walks their dogs after work, so we go most days and everyone gathers in the middle of the field to let the dogs play together. It’s great as there is a mixture of big and small dogs, puppies, adults and elderly dogs and most importantly to me, dogs that want to play and dogs that just want to chill and watch everyone. Walter is slowly learning the signs of a dog that doesn’t want to play with him and is starting to chill out and just sit about near the dogs rather than being in play mode the whole time. We also have friends who also have a miniature schnauzer a couple of months older than Walter who is a great influence, as well as friends with a puppy the same age who Walter can play with and grow up with.

If everyone likes this kind of post, I might move on to a mini series about Walter! I want to do a post on his breed in particular, as well as some update posts like this one. Let me know what you think in the comments below.



Hello Fresh

My biggest downfall when eating healthy is dinner. I work on rotas so sometimes I don’t get home until 9pm and I really can’t be bothered thinking up a meal – half the time I end up having toast and snacking as I still feel hungry. Scott recently joined Hello Fresh and when his first box arrived, I knew I wanted to join too.

The boxes are designed to be 3 meals for 2 people, but both of us signed up separately to get 6 boxes each a week, giving us 1 cheat meal. The main box has 8 options to choose from a week, whereas the Veggie Box has preset meals. The meals all sound amazing so this didn’t bother me at all! If you decide you want to miss out a week, you can sign in up until the week before and select an option to skip the week.

The way Hello Fresh works is simple: each week you get sent a box with measured out ingredients needed to create 2 portions of your 3 recipes. Each recipe comes in a different brown bag with a coloured sticker and a bag with wool and ice packs for perishable items. There are also usually money off vouchers or brochures for affiliated companies as well as your recipe cards. Most of the packaging is recyclable too, which is great!

So far I’ve had two weeks of food, all of which so far has been great and surprisingly easy to cook! (Sidenote: I suck at cooking and even following recipes is a struggle for me.) Each meal takes roughly 40 minutes to make from scratch and it’s a lot less faff having everything already measured out for you. I also just discovered that as well as the recipe cards, you can log into the Hello Fresh app and follow the recipe with preset timers for each step, making sure you’re cooking everything for the right amount of time! Each week you can also log in and rate each of your meals, with the option to add comments as well.

Even though I’m only a week and a meal in I’m already obsessed and actually look forward to making my dinner! It’s nice to already have everything planned out, so it’s just a case of coming home and getting your cook on! Each box is only £34.99, which is amazing as I’d normally spend that on 3 days worth of food.

The last perk I want to tell you about is Refer-A-Friend. As you can probably guess, it’s a cheeky little code to get money off! If you are interested in giving Hello Fresh a go, use HANNAHESS to get £25 off your first box! Happy Cooking!


Beauty · Lifestyle

Going For “The Chop”

For years I was one of those girls who dreaded getting their hair cut and always asked for “as little possible” off the ends, even though it needed a lot more. After the last time I went blonde, I decided enough was enough and cut my hair shorter. I hated it and it took a good two years to grow as my hair was so damaged from the bleach. But, as my hair repaired and became a lot more curly, it grew a lot quicker and getting it cut didn’t seem like such a big deal.

Over the past 6 months my hair has started to grow longer than it has since I was about 13 and of course I started to think about cutting it short (note that my definition of short isn’t actually, you know, short) as sometimes long hair is a bit of a pain, especially when it gets tuggy and matted after a day of curls! I decided to take the plunge when my mum bought me a gift card for Profile for my Christmas.

The New Do

I already knew I wanted to get highlights, as half of my hair still has a yellow tinge underneath from the bleach that just won’t shift. I didn’t want to change colour but the contrast makes my natural hair look a bit dull, so I opted for red and copper highlights. I went in with images of “pumpkin spiced hair” (none of which had anything near my natural colour as a base!) and when the salon owner, Amy, asked if I wanted go for a few pure copper tones in my hair, I decided to give it a go! As soon as the colour was washed off, I knew I loved it. Even with wet hair it was obvious that my hair was a lot more multi tonal.

The best way to describe the hair length I wanted is “armpit length” (if anyone knows a nicer name for this length please let me know!) and even though I was set on it, when I felt the first snip my heart had a little pang and for a split second I worried that I would regret the decision. As soon as my hair was blow dried I was so happy I went for the chop. My hair immediately had so much more life and bounce, as well as looking amazing with the highlights! When Paul was blow drying my hair it felt so effortless and my hair sat a lot better than it has in a very long time.

The first week after my salon visit was a little strange, I’ve not had short hair in so long so I kept using far too much product on it, leaving the ends looking raggidy and causing me to wash my hair ever other day. Now that I’ve adjusted, my hair is so easy to style! Most days I leave it to do its own thing, or put a few heated rollers in the crown to refresh the style. Even when I blow dry my hair, I can get away with blasting it dry and using a brush to neaten the ends.

The Salon

As you can see by the photos on Profiles website, the salon is a chic little haven on Huntly Street with some seriously cool decor – I mean just look at the backwash, it couldn’t grab my attention more if it tried! As soon as you walk in the door you are immersed by the friendly, chilled out atmosphere and I always feel excited to be there.

The salon owner Amy originally took me on for both my weeks of work experience in my second and third year of college when I was younger and she made me feel so welcomed and at home even though I was obviously a bit clueless about working in a salon. She even showed me a lot of tips and tricks as we went along. I couldn’t think of going to any other salon as I’ve never felt like comfortable  as much as I do whenever I go to Profile! (I’m sure anyone who doesn’t enjoy getting their hair cut will understand what I mean) Nothing is a bother and as I mentioned before, there is a friendly, laid back vibe running through the salon.

My usual stylist is Paul, who somehow manages to take my incredibly vague descriptions of what I want and magically gets it spot on. The best part of the experience is that Paul is so genuine, he doesn’t ask standard small talk questions and on the days where I’m not feeling so chatty, it isn’t awkward not to speak!

The Products

Profile is an exclusive stock list of the Italian based brand Davines, who create eco-friendly, sustainable products that are scientifically engineered to work. I needed to stock up on the All-In-One Milk and also came away with the MINU Shampoo* and THIS IS A MEDIUM HOLD GEL*.

The MINU Shampoo is designed for coloured hair and on the second wash it lathers into a creamy foam which gently cleanses the hair whilst protecting the colour. I can’t begin to describe how good the shampoo smells – it’s described as a citrus (orange blossom) and fresh scent, but to me it smells more…botonical? I’m not sure that’s what I mean, but it smells gorgeous and clean, how I imagine a spa would want to smell!

I asked for advice on how to get my curls to stay in after diffusing my hair as it tends to go fluffy, expecting to be shown some sort of mousse or creme. When Amy suggested the THIS IS A MEDIUM HOLD GEL it was a bit of a lightbulb moment – of course a gel would be great on curls! I absolutely love that this comes in its own little parcel, it’s like opening a present! I use this even when I leave my hair to dry naturally as it gives my locks more texture – I simply scrunch a tiny amount through the midlengths and ends of my hair, both when it’s wet, or even when it’s dry if I need a little more hold. I really want to try out the gel for a wet look ponytail or low bun, but I haven’t quite gotten up the courage yet!

I’m already considering going for a shoulder length cut next time and I definitely want more copper highlights, so it’s safe to say I’m a changed woman! Sometimes I look at photos of girls with super long hair pleats or funky styles and I do miss having longer hair, but I can’t ignore how much healthier and happier my hair is after being chopped, so for the next while I’ll definitely be keeping it shorter!

Where is your favourite salon? Let me know why it’s your number one in the comments below, and head on over to my Instagram to see my before and after (with added dog filter, of course!)



7 Blog Posts I Love


After writing my first Blog Posts I’m Loving, I’ve come across so much great content! I still try to retweet posts I see on twitter that interest me, but a lot of the posts I love I haven’t found on twitter. Even though I’ve been blogging for 3 months now, I still feel like a massive newbie so a lot of the posts I’ve been reading are on blog improvement. I think my photo’s are slowly getting there, so here’s hoping I keep improving. Here are links to the posts that have been inspiring me this month –

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If you have a post similar to this, feel free to link me to it in the comments below! I love discovering new bloggers so I’ll never be less than appreciative for a cheeky self promotion!