My First Spa Day

I’ve always wanted to go on a spa day, but I’ve never gotten around to booking one and to be honest, I was a little nervous about whether or not I would like it. For my mums birthday Scott and I decided to treat her to a spa day – and of course I had to go along too!

When I was searching different spas, I found the Spa Seekers website, which had heaps of great deals for the main spas in Aberdeen. The best deal I found was Time To Melt at Ardoe House Hotel and Spa, which includes two treatments, lunch and use of the leisure facilities.

I managed to book so that both my mum and I had our treatments at the same time, one at 10.15 and the other at 12.15, followed by lunch at 1pm. We both chose the Warm Stone Massage and the Aromatherapy Discovery Facial. When we arrived, we filled in a short form and each received our Robe, Towel and Slippers. After we got changed it was coming up to 10am, so instead of sitting beside the pool we decided to wait near reception for our treatments. Our beauty therapists came over and introduced themselves before taking us to our treatment rooms. I’ve now forgotten the name of the girl who looked after me, but both ladies were lovely!

My beauty therapist asked if I had ever had a Warm Stone Massage before and when I said no, she explained the process, before leaving the room for me to get ready. I expected to find the warm stones to be too much pressure, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were pretty much perfect. The 40 minutes flew by and I found myself trying hard not to fall asleep, which is a weird sensation when you realise you stopped noticing someone touching you!

Once the treatment was finished, I met my mum outside the treatment rooms and we went to pick up the trashy magazines we had taken with us to read by the pool. For the next hour or so we lazed about on the loungers, talking and showing each other the ridiculous articles inside the magazines. There was a sauna and a steam room to be used as well as the pool, but neither myself or my mum are good with the heat so we didn’t spend much time in them!  We sat and chilled in the jacuzzi for a little while before going back to the main reception to wait for our Aromatherapy Discovery Facials.

We had the same therapists as the morning which was nice, so off we went to our treatment rooms to discuss our skin. I explained that my skin can be quite dry, with rough patches on my cheeks and forehead. Again, my therapist left the room while I popped up onto the couch (according to google this is the correct term for it?!)  and came back after a couple of minutes. Since my eyes were closed for the most part and I was pretty tired so didn’t speak, I really had no idea what went down during the facial. My favourite part was some sort of mask/peel that went on feeling like a mud, then left a residue when wiped off that was literally rolled and flicked off my skin! The facial finished with a massage and afterwards my skin felt amazing so I tried my best not to touch it for the rest of the day.

The final part of our day was a light lunch. I chose the Greek Salad Box and Brownie, which arrived in a gorgeous sectioned plate with macaroni, salad, olives and of course, a slice of brownie with cream. It didn’t look like a large portion, but it was extremely filling and by the time I got round to the brownie I was struggling! The salad was nice and fresh, with a lovely seasoning and dressing.

I really enjoyed my spa day and both myself and mum have vowed we will go to the spa more often. I’d recommend Ardoe as everyone was so friendly and there was a great atmosphere, I don’t see us trying anywhere else for the near future! Have you ever been for a spa day before? Let me know what treatments you went for in the comments below!